Hire skilled experts at Jackk Of Trades

It’s best to hire when you can’t do it yourself.

How can you get your work done at Jackk Of Trades?

Step-1: Post your requirements:

Fill up the information about the task you need to get done. It’s free to post your requirements at Jackk Of Trades. Do select the relevant categories in which your task fits to make it easier for any professional to discover your job post. Professionals with relevant work experience will get access to bidding for your project.

Step-2: Receive multiple quotes:

Once you post your requirements, you will start receiving quotes from trusted contractors in USA. You can set up a budget range to get bidding within your budget range. You can now review the profiles of the bidders and choose the right applicant for your requirements.

Step-3: Get the work done:

Once you select the applicant, discuss your project in detail and get started. Now your contractor will proceed with the agreement and get your work done for you. You can extend the scope of the task if required after discussing it with the hired professional.

Things you would like to know!

As an USA owned company, we comply with all standards set up by the government. We care for our customers who are hiring and professionals who are seeking work on our platform. At every step of a job, Jackk Of Trades has your back covered.

1. Fund security:

We act as a middleman to secure payments with PCI-DSS compliance. Once the client pays, we keep it on hold till you complete the task. We release the money to professionals after the project is marked complete.

2. Profile verification:

Every professional bidding on your projects is verified beforehand. Our team ensures that every contractor is well suited for the job posted in specific categories. We confirm that all professionals on our platform have required licenses to perform a task.

3. Help Centre:

Support is provided to customers and professionals to handle disputes. Our dedicated support team is available in all working hours. We intend to resolve any issues and help with any question or queries.