Registered and Licenced

Jackk Of Trades - Bringing professionals and contractors closer to the customers

Building a home is a dream come true, and most people realize this dream once in a lifetime. To make the dream a reality, access to the best professionals is a must. At Jackk Of Trades, we ensure that our professionals are verified with the skills required in their domain. We cross-check all legal documents and licenses of professionals and contract workers needed to do the job. Starting from our sign up, we make the whole process seamless.

Why hire at Jackk Of Trades?

Team of trusted professionals

Before getting anyone on board, we take our contractors and professionals through a thorough verification. Only after they pass on our trust and quality tests, we allow them to bid on your projects. We monitor licenses, ABNs, and all legal information. Anyone deemed unfit for qualification is not granted access to enhance the credibility of our website.

Best recommendations

We review every hiring and track the performance of all professionals on our platform. You can check out the reviews of any professional worker before hiring them to ensure that they have the relevant experience you require for your job. We provide verified badges to all the profiles that have passed out onboarding tests.

Customer support

We provide complete support to all customers and professionals. We make sure that your project goes smoothly. You can reach out for any disputes and get our mediation service. You can reach out to us through an email or phone call. We honor our partners and customers, and our support staff is here to help you out.

Hire trusted partners

At Jackk Of Trades, we are proud to build a community of trusted professionals and experts. Our team is best suited for any home improvement services, with dedicated expert professionals providing services in each segment. We screen applicants to ensure that every new partner stands out with our high standards and has the right expertise in their domain.

A look into our screening process!

Any inappropriate information regarding our partners is seriously inspected, and appropriate actions are taken. If we find our partner contractor business or verified professional acting inappropriately, we take necessary measures against them and take down their account if required.

Project reviews

After completion of a project, we allow customers to leave a review. Any customer can leave genuine feedback on the services they purchased on our platform. We enable them to rate the person or business they hire to reflect their service quality better.

Star rating

Star ratings are among the best measures to showcase the credibility of any trusted professional or contract business. We invite our customers to provide a star rating to the service provider. Only those who have “hired” can give a rating, and are displayed as genuine feedback to our customers.


Feedbacks are essential to provide better services in future. Your trusted partner can work out on the right points to deliver their best by receiving feedback. You can give your input alongside ratings when you leave a review. It will give your rating credibility by adding a text that justifies your rating.

Here’s how recommendations work at Jackk Of Trades!

By having a closer look at the ratings and reviews of any tradie listed on our website, you can choose the best-suited one for your requirements. Our professionals are recommended more when they provide a better experience for their employers. Our feedback system ensures that the person or business you hire is held accountable for their mistakes.

Recommendations from past employers

Get external recommendations on your verified profile by asking your past clients. The external recommendations do not affect the ratings on our platform. But they can help build you a portfolio to showcase to your potential customers.

Recommendations after you are hired at Jackk Of Trades

These recommendations are generated from the feedbacks of our partners. We continuously monitor negative feedback and ensure that you are recommended to the partners who offer the best services.

Secure payments with Jackk Of Trades

Employers can pay safely with one click by transacting through our secure pay feature. We keep your funds with us unless the professional completes the task. Professionals and businesses providing the required services can rest assured about payments as they are held with us. Once the job gets completed, the payment is released. It ensures that there are no disputes regarding money transactions among the employer and employee.